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The health and safety of our members and patients are very important to us!

Please see gym rules below

Telemedicine physical therapy is a highly effective form of virtual rehabilitation that encourages a relationship between the patient and the PT within the comfort of the patient’s own home. Using a HIPPA compliant virtual platform, therapists have the ability to evaluate injuries, assess movement patterns, and tailor a customized home exercise program to address the patient’s pain and faulty movement patterns.


In most cases, a doctor’s referral NOT required. Most insurance companies cover Telemedicine services, Medicare included. All coinsurance and copays LIKELY STILL APPLY

What To Expect:

  • Appointments may range between 45-60 minutes for an initial evaluation and 30-45 minutes for follow up appointments

  • The physical therapist and the patient will coordinate, either by phone or email, a time and day that works best to meet

  • Therapist will send a secure link to the patient’s email; setting up an account isn’t required!

  • A “test run” to ensure your device’s mic and video components are working prior to the scheduled appointment is encouraged

  • You are encouraged to find a small open space, about the size of a yoga mat, and wear loose-fitting clothing

  • Sign on to the virtual platform via the link, and VOILA, you are ready to go!


To schedule, call 802-253-5694  email or



The Sports and Rehab Clinic is committed to your health and safety.  We have guidelines in place for proper sanitizing in between patients, minimal hands-on contact, and requests that all patients wash their hands when they enter the clinic and wear a mask in the presence of others. Hand washing is the best prevention, AND , not touching your face. 


Please see the information below about telemedicine services. We continue to offer e-visits and telehealth services for those who would rather stay at home. 


  • Wash your hands with hand sanitizer or soap and water BEFORE and AFTER gym use. 

  • Wipe down equipment and anything else you touch after every use, using the gym wipes provided.

  • Try to maintain social distancing as best as possible 

  • Masks required in the presence of others

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